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Accountability, a factor in avoiding the roller coaster effect?

Avoiding the roller coaster that is so typical of real estate is directly related to the amount of prospecting one does. However, the success in prospecting is obtained by the amount of effort and number of people one speaks to. Over the last 10 years, we have noticed that we only achieve the most success in hitting our targets when we have the support and encouragement of another person. We have coaches, partners, spouses and brokers that act in that capacity and have found that when we did not have that support there to remind us of our targets and goals, we would tend to lose determination and as a consequence find ourselves getting sick as we slid over the top and down the steep slope of that roller coaster.

Now, we are not referring to have someone there cracking a whip, beating us or screaming our ears off when target is not made. What we are speaking about is a support we like to call an accountability partner. Merriam-Webster defines accountability as, "an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one's actions." Our accountability partner is someone that is there for us to discuss our goals, remind us of them and help us to remain motivated and stay on track so we can achieve those goals. However, we have to admit to one of our main failings and that is procrastination. We have a procrastination disability that quite often overwhelms our motivational threshold up until we get a good look at our bank account. At this point, motivation becomes high, procrastination levels drop and activity levels begin to rise exponentially. In simple terms, increased debt = increased fear = increased motivation, resulting in us getting off our butt and frantically back to work. With an accountability partner, you are not working alone, have increased motivation and are working to maintain rather than regain the momentum you already built.

So, if you are experiencing or have had the feeling of your business reaching an unsteady drop, your income not growing, and even if you simply feel that you would like to reach a different level of success, then you should get yourself an accountability partner.

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