Acquiring a successful sale starts with timing.

Over the past few months of experiencing a very harsh and cold winter, many residents were convinced that waiting to putt their homes up for sale was the right choice. Reason being, they felt that with the cold season, fewer people would be looking to buy, homes would be less attractive with the snow covering the landscaping, and also there was a fear of not being able to find a home after selling due to the low inventory.

With the lower inventory during this winter, most sellers have experienced exceptional success selling. Several homes regardless of the weather conditions, were sold for over their asking price. It just goes to show that timing is everything. It isn't to say that listing at the right time guarantees a great sale, but it's a start. When it comes to listing a home, there is much to prepare for around the house and consistently maintain during showings. The more staged your home is, the more desirable it is to buyers. Deciding on the right price tag for your home also plays a huge difference in the selling success of your property.

With several examples in recent real estate news, it is evident that when a home shows well, is priced right, and marketed strategically, it will sell for the maximum price that the market can yield at the time of listing. In The Globe and Mail, Carolyn Ireland writes about "Toronto's new high-stakes sport: Extreme house bidding," and states regardless of how well a house shows, "if you put the house on at the wrong price, it doesn't go." To read more, click here.

As more listings come onto the market, there will be a calm to the bidding wars. Therefore, choose your Realtor wisely as they should have a comprehensive marketing campaign and a top brokerage brand like RE/MAX West that backs them up to advertise your property effectively against other homes for sale.